3484700: iPrint Printer fails to install with 1344, 1345 or Winsock 10060 error

Test install of an iPrint printer. If the install succeeds, then uninstall CUPS.

Cause 2: Proxy Server

The process of installing a printer requires that a printer driver be associated with the printer, and that the driver is able to be installed. The driver installation process is not obvious, and can cause the printer installation to fail if the configuration does not meet the requirements.

When the printer installation is begun, the Print Manager is consulted to confirm that a driver has been associated with the printer being installed. Once the driver is identified, iPrint first attempts to locate the driver on the workstation where the printer is being installed. If the driver exists, the printer is installed without further processing. If not, iPrint looks for the driver in the mod_ipp folder on the server where the Print Manager is located. If the driver is found there, the printer is installed using that driver. If the driver doesn’t exist in the mod_ipp, iPrint looks in the Driver Store. If the driver is located in the Driver Store, it is copied to the mod_ipp on the server where the Print Manager is located. Then, iPrint installs the printer using the mod_ipp copy of the driver. Subsequent attempts to install the printer will use the copy of the driver in the mod_ipp folder, so the driver doesn’t need to be copied from the Driver Store again. This keeps the drivers “close” to the users of the Print Manager where the printers are located.

A problem can arise if the server is using a Proxy. The Proxy controls access to the network, and unless the Driver Store is defined as an exception to the Proxy, the process of locating the driver in the Driver Store will fail, resulting in the 1344 error. This will happen even if the Driver Store and the Print Manager exist on the same server because, although nothing actually goes “on the wire” (through the network interface card), the Proxy will not allow the process to continue.

To resolve this problem, the Proxy must either be disabled, or be configured to allow an exception for the Driver Store.

Resolution 2:

Determine if a Proxy is enabled.

YaST -> Network Services -> Proxy -> is the “Enable Proxy” option checked? If it is enabled, then Apache will intercept the request to copy drivers from the Driver Store’s RESDIR to the Print Manager’s mod_ipp directory.

a). Turn off the proxy:


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