7018416: Clear cache on SUSE Manager Proxy.

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SUSE Manager 3

SUSE Manager 2.1


SUSE Manager Proxy is a way to:

– Work around DMZs

– Save bandwidth via RPM caching

– Alleviate a little bit of the computational load to the SUSE Manager server via XMLRPC API response caching.

In some situations, it might be desired to free up the cache in the Proxy (mainly because of space problems).


Please follow the following procedure in the Proxy. Take into account that during the time the Proxy is stopped, the clients behind it won’t have access to the SUSE Manager (and hence, neither to patches and remote commands). This should be a pretty fast procedure though:

spacewalk-proxy stop

rm -rf /var/cache/squid/*

squid -z -N

spacewalk-proxy start


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