7018715: Administration Console is blank after the initial manager install

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NetIQ Privileged Account Manager


Administration Console is blank after a fresh / recent manager install

No available consoles after logging in

No errors occurred during install

Service is running and listening on ports :443 and :29120 fine

unifid.log reports the following:

Error, Failed to connect to <serverHostname>:29120

Error, Failed to connect to registry <serverHostname>:29120

Running /opt/netiq/npum/sbin/unifi -u admin distrib publish -d /tmp/framework returns an error:

Authentication failed: Unable to contact authentication module


  1. Please correct the server’s hostname / dns address so that it is valid and resolvable with nslookup.

    Note: If there are plans to add additional servers, this same hostname / dns address must resolve properly on any future manager and agent servers.

  2. Please reinstall the Framework Manager:


This is due to an unresolvable hostname / dns address.


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