7019258: How to Setup Retain with Exchange 2013 (Masterpost)

This is a masterpost that points to other articles that are specific to this module.

Retain can archive from Exchange, and if you have migrated to Exchange you don’t have to create a new Retain server but continue using the old one and even allow users to have access to both their old mailbox and their new Exchange mailbox.

Make sure you have the latest version of Retain and have installed the appropriate patches.


Retain Planning and Design Best Practices

Autodiscover: How Retain Connects to Your Exchange Mailboxes

Ports Used by Exchange 2013

Ports Used by Retain

How Retention Services and Item Store Flags Work

Exchange Setup:

Determining if Basic Authentication Is Enabled on Your Network

Setting up Basic Authentication in Exchange

Exchange Throttling Policy and Bandwidth/Performance (2013)

Changing Message Size Limits and Throttling for Exchange

How to check the status of the Exchange Impersonation User

PowerShell 2.0 and Cmdlets installation links for Retain and Exchange configuration

How To Create The Retain User In Exchange 2013

Exchange Setup for Archiving Shared Mailboxes, Rooms, and Equipment

Restarting IIS

Mailbox Mapping:

Allows users to access both mailboxes without having to log in twice

How to Use MailBox Mapping

How Mailbox Mapping Looks To Users

How to Use Mailbox Merger/Splitter tool

How to Log into Retain After Shutting Down Original Email Server

Retain Exchange Module Setup:

Exchange Module Setup Instructions

Exchange Job Settings for Best Performance

Using Exchange Distribution Lists

Connection Error When Configuring Exchange Module (LDAP Error codes)

Client Plug-ins:

Installation of the Retain Outlook Web Access 2013 Plugin

Silent Install for Retain’s GroupWise/Outlook Plugins

Archiving Strategies:

Exchange Archiving with In-Place Hold

How to Archive Mailboxes for Users in Specific Organizational Units

Exchange 2013 HealthMailBox Best Practice

Do We Need To Select The Exchange Archive Database if In-place Archiving is Enabled

Exchange Journaling Mailbox Recommendations


Location of Retain Log Files

How to Upload Logs to Support’s FTP Server

Backing Up Retain

Remote Connectivity Analyzer: Testing Exchange / O365 Connectivity

Worker Diagnostic Tool: Testing Access to a Mailbox

Large Attachments and/or Messages Cannot Be Archived

Where Data Is Stored In Retain

Increasing SOAP Timeout Value to Help With Journaling Jobs

Retain Archive Job Slowing Down Exchange Server


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