7019458: Configuring Restore Mode POA, where is /connect/restore

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All versions of Reload


When configuring a Restore Mode POA you are asked to specify the path to the restore directory. In the Documentation (page 96) you are presented with “<entire path to the Reload profile on the Linux server>/connect/restore” and not sure what the entire path is.


Load the Reload Administration (entering reload from a terminal) and from the main screen go to Profile – Administer Profiles | P – GroupWise Post Offices… (depending on if you have more then one one profile, the view may be different) | select profile | Info – Profile Information | Local Profile Path: | the path to the profile will be displayed. This is the first of the path requested in the documentation.


In the documentation the following is requested; “<entire path to the Reload profile on the Linux server>/connect/restore”

In the Reload Administration (from above) we are given “Local Profile Path: /data/po1

The path would be /data/po1/connect/restore

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