7020311: Useable Groupwise Variables

Yes, Vertigo can use Groupwise Variables which allow rules to change based on the account they are applied to.

The following is a step by step guide to setting up a rule:

1) Add the rule to a user in your Groupwise system (open groupwise and login to a users account) click on tools | rules | new | specify name and options | add an option (note: This is where you will want to enter your Groupwise Variables, (list at bottom)) and save.

2) Next open vertigo | conect to groupwise system | select user that you applied the rule to | click on the rules tab (you may have to scroll right).

Select the rule you want to copy to another user | click copy | select users to receive rule | click ok | close the copy window when complete | check user rule was copied to, in order to verify the variable changed.

List of Variables that can be used in a rule:













Forward only:



UserID = the Mailbox name from the selected user in the address book

EmailAddress = the email address from the selected user in the address book


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