7020998: Pacemaker remote: RuntimeError: Neutron instance ‘default’ for nova not found

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SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6


Within /var/log/chef/client.log:

[2017-06-19T14:50:31+02:00] ERROR: Running exception handlers
[2017-06-19T14:50:31+02:00] ERROR: Report handler Chef::Handler::ErrorReport raised #<Encoding::UndefinedConversionError: "x86" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8>
[2017-06-19T14:50:31+02:00] ERROR: RuntimeError: Neutron instance 'default' for nova not found 

Within the output of “crm_mon -1” you see:

FAILED remote-d0c-c4-7a-d2-88-ea


Rebooting controller nodes, start pacemaker when it is not starting automatically, then reboot pacemaker remote nodes.


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