7021203: What are the benefits and features of DRA 9.1?

Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator 9.1.0 includes new features, improves usability, and resolves several previous issues.

Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs. You can post feedback in the Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator forum on NetIQ Communities, our online community that also includes product information, blogs, and links to helpful resources.

The documentation for this product is available on the NetIQ website in HTML and PDF formats on a page that does not require you to log in. If you have suggestions for documentation improvements, click comment on this topic at the bottom of any page in the HTML version of the documentation posted at the Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator (DRA) NetIQ Documentation page. To download this product, see the Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator Product Upgrade website.

What’s New

The following outline the key features and functions provided by this version, as well as issues resolved in this release:

Operating System and Software Support

DRA now supports Windows 10, Microsoft Exchange 2016, Windows Server 2016, and SQL 2014.

Enhancements and Software Fixes

The following feature changes were implemented in this release:

Web Console Enhancements

The new Web Console has received a host of new features and improvements, including the following:

  • You can now manage AD Dynamic Groups.

  • You can now view domain properties.

  • You can now manage a domain’s recycle bin.

  • You can now generate custom LDAP searches via the Web Console. (ENG341009)

  • You can now manage Office 365 mailboxes.

  • You can now manage Dynamic Distribution Groups.

  • You can now manage on-premise shared mailboxes. (ENG340453)

  • You now have several new customization options, including access to a new multi-level query field that can be added to new or revised property pages.

  • You can now manage on-premise linked mailboxes.

  • You can now manage Skype for Business objects and Skype for Business Online objects.

  • You can now log into the Web Console with a User Principal Name (UPN). (ENG341008)

Support to Prevent Accidental Deletions

DRA now has the PreventFromAccidentalDeletion attribute that can be set on any object. (ENG334179)

Feature Enhancement for Mail-Enabled Groups.

You now have the ability to add Send as rights to a mail-enabled group. (ENG338358)

DRA Service Queries

You now have the ability to query DRA for the number of concurrent connections per DRA server. (ENG340077)

Support for Office 365

You can now configure an Office 365 tenant to use a custom source anchor. (ENG341471)

System Requirements

You must install the Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator 9.1.0 release on a Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, or 2016 computer.

Installing This Version

This service pack includes a full version of DRA. You can install this version in a clean environment or upgrade an existing installation of DRA 9.0.x or newer.

Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

Skype Enable Check Fails

You cannot enable Skype Online if you have installed the beta version of the Microsoft Sign In Assistant. (ENG345013)

Workaround: Restart the DRA Skype Service.


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