7021222: Edir 8.7.0 Error: “Cache memory allocator out of available memory”

A server holding real copies of the tree’s partitions was upgraded to eDirectory 8.7. This server had eight IP addresses bound and all services were loaded. The referral list for this server became greater that 4k in size. An Xref server (a server attempting to backlink an xref partition root object (ie., did not hold that partition) contacted this server to update its backlink since it was flagged 10000.

We get the insufficient buffer message from the real copy server. This server sees a 4k limitation in the code, knows the xref server cannot get the complete referral list within this buffer and sends back the insufficient buffer message. The xref server flushes it’s buffers, returns them to the OS (this is the Reset AVA message), and requests from the OS a contiguous block of memory plus an additional 4k. The OS provides this. We try again to backlink. We continue to loop since the real copy server will always return to us the error. This loop of adding another 4k continues until all cache buffers have been consumed. Since the OS re-allocates the previous buffer memory to VM it remains fragmented. Normally the OS will defrag this memory within 2 minutes. Since we are constantly releasing and re-requesting memory buffers from the OS it does not have time to defrag so we will continue into an extremely fragmented memory environment.

Formerly known as TID# 10084982

Formerly known as TID# NOVL90916


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