7021244: Configuring SSL in Secure Gateway

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Secure Gateway


How do I enable and configure SSL on my Secure Gateway system?


There are two ways to configure SSL with Secure Gateway.


Both methods require that you have already obtained from your registrar:

SSL certificate file

SSL certificate chain file

SSL key file

SSL pass phrase

Method 1: Within Secure Gateway

  1. Log into the Secure Gateway server via TTY and upload the files to the server.
  2. Log into Secure Gateway web console as admin and go to System Administration.
  3. Under System Management | Manage Servers open the server panel.
  4. Enter the file locations for each file and the SSL pass phrase.
  5. Save the configuration.
  6. Logout.
  7. Change the URL to begin with “https“.
  8. Log into the Secure Gateway web console.
  9. If you want the web UI to redirect to SSL, under System Management | Manage Servers open the server panel and click on the lock for Web UI SSL redirect.

Warning: You MUST be logged in with the https URL or you will no longer be able to connect to the Secure Gateway server.

Method 2: Enabling SSL in apache

SSL may be enabled directly in apache. See the apache documentation.


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