7021385: YaST clone_system module errors on ntp.conf changes

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 3 (SLES 12 SP3)


The following lines in /etc/ntp.conf were uncommented:

server # local clock (LCL)

fudge stratum 10 # LCL is unsynchronized

After running yast clone_system, the following error was observed:

Internal error. Please report a bug report with logs.

Run save_y2logs to get complete logs.
Details: Invalid value #<CFA::NtpConf::FudgeRecord:0x00000005a18308 @augeas={:key=>"fudge[]", :value=>#<CFA::AugeasTreeValue:0x000
Caller: /usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/2.1.0/yast/wfm.rb:206:in `call_builtin'

The /root/autoinst.xml file does not get created after this error.

The issue cannot be duplicated on SLES12 SP2.

If the following changes are made in /etc/ntp.conf:

server mode 5 prefer

fudge stratum 10

No errors are observed, but /root/autoinst.xml does not get a valid <ntp-client><peers> section.


<peers config:type="list"/>
<restricts config:type="list"/>
<start_at_boot config:type="boolean">false</start_at_boot>
<start_in_chroot config:type="boolean">false</start_in_chroot>
<sync_interval config:type="integer">5</sync_interval>
<synchronize_time config:type="boolean">false</synchronize_time>


Reported to Engineering. Contact support for a PTF.

Currently you will need to leave the lines commented out and add the tags manually to the /root/autoinst.xml file.


The problem occurs in yast2-ntp-client-3.2.14-2.5.11 and earlier versions.


Reported to Engineering


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