7022173: OSAD clients not taking actions immediately after a migration or upgrade in SUSE Manager

In the SUSE Manager Server, the jabberd DB should be recreated:

# spacewalk-service stop

# rm -Rf /var/lib/jabberd/db/*

# spacewalk-service start

The same applies for the proxies:

# spacewalk-proxy stop

# rm -Rf /var/lib/jabberd/db/*

# spacewalk-proxy start

In the clients, the osad-auth.conf file should be deleted:

# rcosad stop

# rm -f /etc/sysconfig/rhn/osad-auth.conf

# rcosad start

Obviously this step can be automated through SUSE Manager, specially in the case of having several clients. The task will be eventually run after a maximum of 4 hours. It can also be forced by running the following in the client:

# rhn_check

However, this requires logging into every client.


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