7022189: XDAS tab is missing in iManager

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iManager 2.7.7


XDAS tab is missing when Audit Configuration task has been selected in iManager

When trying to load XDAS, it reports:

XDASAUDITDS Cannot be loaded 603 Error


Please follow the steps below to fix:

  1. From iManager, select Configure icon on top of the window
  2. Configure iManager to display the XDAS tab:
  • Navigate to RBS Configuration:

    Select Role Based Services | RBS Configuration
  • Navigate to Page List of the Role Based Service Property Book:
    • Select the default Role Based Service
    • Select Property Book
    • Select the Type checkbox as book for Module eDirectory Instrumentation
    • Select Actions | Select Page List from drop down box
  • Move XDAS Pages to Assigned column:
    • Select XDAS Events, XDAS Roles and XDAS Accounts from Available Pages drop down box and then move them to the Assigned Pages
    • Select OK
  • Verify that the XDAS tab is now displayed:
    • Select eDirectory Auditing role
    • Select Audit Configuration
    • Select the NCP Server name object | Select OK
    • XDAS tab should be displayed


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