Azure IAAS SharePoint Farm – Custom domain

I have been tasked with figuring out how to setup a SharePoint 2016 farm in AZURE IAAS with VMs. I have a dev farm setup with a virtual network with DC, SQL, Single Farm VM. I have an internal domain name that’s that works for the intranet but making it accessible from the internet is the problem. I have public DNS names for each server at and I can access my team site from the internet with the “Public DNS Name” of the Single Farm VM.

However, I want to access the SP website from the internet with the internal domain name (that would be the easiest) or with another custom domain name, if that’s not possible. The only article I can find is but I don’t think this is the right article because it’s talking about a, not Also, it just talks about setting up a CNAME or an A RECORD on your domain name providers website to point to the “Public DNS Name” and I need to build this farm out to include Workflow Manager and Office Online server using SSL which is a far more complicated domain scenario.

Does anybody have any idea on how to get information to do this? I’m sure Azure must support it. . .


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