SAV for UNIX: AIX fails to update over UNC after upgrading to 9.14.0

In some rare cases, SAV for UNIX 9.14 (AIX) can fail to update over UNC after installing/upgrading to 9.14.0. This only impacts UNC updating. HTTP updating is not impacted.

This is due to a defect in the Samba code we use for this connection, which fails if an IPv6 address is added on a network adapter with IPv4 configured. We have also informed the Samba community of this bug to ensure it can be fixed at the appropriate level.

Note: This bug was fixed in the version 9.14.1, available as of December 7th, 2017.

The following sections are covered:

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions

Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix 9.14.0

If the system is already impacted by this issue (failing to update), there are three solutions. #1 and #3 will work without the updated SAV version (9.14.1+), but it is recommended to upgrade to this. Solution #2 is the recommended solution.

Solution 1: HTTP Updating:

Switch to HTTP WebCID updating. This will allow the client to update.

Solution 2: Reinstall:

Switch to a Subscription that contains 9.14.1+ (Preview, Recommended, and Previous all have this version as of December 7th, 2017).

Since this is an updating issue, if Solution 1 is not an option, the way to correct it is to uninstall and reinstall each impacted client, using the updated client.

Solution 3: Disable IPv6:

Turn off IPv6 on all network adapters on the AIX system. This will allow the client to update.

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