Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux: Support for minor releases of RHEL, CentOS and Oracle Linux

This article describes the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux support for minor releases of different Linux distributions.

Sophos uses commercially reasonable efforts, as described below, to support Sophos Antivirus for Linux on all minor point releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) while the corresponding major version is supported. This includes the CentOS and Oracle Linux derivatives of RHEL.

Sophos will test and support Sophos Antivirus on the current active minor release of RHEL, CentOS, and Oracle Linux. When a new minor version is released by the operating system vendor, the previous minor version typically stops receiving important security updates. Sophos, therefore, recommends customers upgrade to the current active minor release as early as practicable.

To assist customers who are unable to upgrade their systems in line with RHEL minor releases, Sophos uses commercially reasonable efforts to support Sophos Antivirus on non-current minor releases of RHEL, CentOS, and Oracle Linux, on the following basis:

  • Support for configuration and usage questions for Sophos Antivirus for Linux will be provided by Sophos Technical Support
  • Technical product issues will be investigated using Sophos’ existing maintenance process, on the basis that the issue can be replicated on the current active minor release
  • If a reported product issue cannot be replicated on the current active minor release, or in the event that a software update would be required to provide a resolution for a non-current minor release, Sophos advises that such issues may fall outside the scope of commercially reasonable efforts support
  • The corresponding major version must be supported by Sophos, excluding extended or limited support offerings

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