The body format must have the value ‘text’ or ‘html’.

Product: SQL Server Notification Services
Event ID: 7304
Source: NotificationServices
Version: 2.0.9999.9
Message: The body format must have the value ‘text’ or ‘html’.
This error occurs when the SMTP delivery protocol is in use but the BodyFormat field has been given a faulty value in the ADF.

In the /NotificationClasses/NotificationClass/Protocols section of the ADF, each notification class is configured to use one or more delivery protocols. Each delivery protocol uses its own set of fields when delivering a notification. If you use the SMTP delivery protocol, you can optionally specify the BodyFormat field, which tells the SMTP delivery protocol whether the e-mail message body is plain text or HTML. If you do not explicitly specify a value for BodyFormat, the value ‘text’ is used by default. If you do specify a value, it must be either ‘text’ or ‘html’. It looks similar to the following if you want a fixed value across all e-mail messages:


Or, if you want to vary the BodyFormat value from one message to the next, you can do something similar to this:


In this case you need to have a field in your <notificationclass> element called NotificationBodyFormat, and this field must have a valid format for each notification.</notificationclass>

User Action
First identify the faulty BodyFormat field in the ADF and fix it. Then stop the service, run NSControl Update, and start the service again.


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