The file could not be opened.

Product: SQL Server Notification Services
Event ID: 7401
Source: NotificationServices
Version: 2.0.9999.9
Message: The file could not be opened.
This error occurs when you use the File delivery protocol, but the notifications file cannot be opened. One typical cause is that a faulty path was specified in the configuration file. For example, the following configuration file receives error 7401 if the computer has no drive called Q.


Another typical cause is that the path is valid, but another process already has a handle on the notifications file. To determine whether another process has a handle on the notifications file, use the handle.exe tool, available from If you determine that another process does have a handle on the notifications file, you may need to stop that process.

The event log entry contains details on the cause of the error.

User Action
Check the event log entry to determine the specific reason that the notification file cannot be opened. For example, in the example above, the following information appears in the error log entry:

Could not find a part of the path “Q:\FileNotifications.txt”.

If the path is faulty, fix the path in the configuration file. You must then stop the service, run NSControl Update, and then restart the service. If another process has an open handle on the notifications file, get that process to release the handle. File handles are generally released by a process when that process is stopped. In some cases, depending on the application, there may be a less intrusive way to get the other process to release the file handle.


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