The priority must have the value ‘low’, ‘normal’ or ‘high’.

Product: SQL Server Notification Services
Event ID: 7303
Source: NotificationServices
Version: 2.0.9999.9
Message: The priority must have the value ‘low’, ‘normal’ or ‘high’.
This error occurs when you use the SMTP delivery protocol but specify an invalid value for the priority of an e-mail message.

In the <protocol> element of the ADF you associate a delivery protocol with a notification class. You specify fields such as Priority, Subject, From, and To to use when sending a notification. These fields may have fixed values, or expressions that determine where to get the actual value at runtime (usually from the notifications table).

The Priority field has only three allowed values: ‘low’, ‘normal’, and ‘high’. This error occurs when the Priority value is not one of these values.</protocol>

User Action
Look in your ADF for all places where you specify use of the SMTP protocol. In each case, examine the value you specified for the Priority field. If you prefer to use a fixed value for all e-mail messages, your code should look similar to this:


However, if the priority varies from one e-mail message to another, you may need to define a dynamic value such as the following:


In this case, your notification class must have a field in its schema called NotificationPriorityField, and that field must have a proper value for each notification.


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