%1: %2 failure on backup device ‘%3’. Operating system error %4.

Product: SQL Server
Event ID: 18210
Source: MSSQLServer
Version: 8.0
Component: SQL Engine
Message: %1: %2 failure on backup device ‘%3’. Operating system error %4.
This message indicates that an I/O error was reported by the operating system after a file handle was successfully opened. The error occurs when reading from or writing to a device specified as part of a BACKUP or RESTORE command, often when there is not enough disk space available for a write operation. This error may also be seen if third-party software that uses a virtual device to perform SQL Server backups cancels the operation.
User Action
The steps to take will depend upon the operating system error received.

  • Verify that the specified path has sufficient disk space for the file.
  • Test to see if the problem is isolated to this particular server, path, or file.
  • Run hardware diagnostics to verify that the media specified in the path is healthy.
  • If the operating system error only returns a number and not any text, you can open a command prompt and execute NET HELPMSG with the operating system error number as the parameter. In many cases, this will return text that can help you to isolate the problem.
  • If you received this error while using third-party backup software, check that application’s logs to see if it canceled the backup operation, and if so, why.


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