Insufficient memory available.

Product: SQL Server
Event ID: 17803
Source: MSSQLServer
Version: 10.0
Component: SQLEngine
Symbolic Name: SRV_NOMEMORY
Message: There was a memory allocation failure during connection establishment. Reduce nonessential memory load, or increase system memory. The connection has been closed.%.*ls

Server is running out of memory.

User Action

Determine the cause for server running out of memory. Generic memory troubleshooting steps may be useful

Version: 8.0
Component: SQL Engine
Message: Insufficient memory available.
This error is a generic message indicating an out-of-memory condition somewhere within the SQL Server memory space. This condition could be from non-SQL Server code running within the SQL Server process, such as extended stored procedures or MDAC providers, or it could be from something happening within SQL Server itself.
User Action
This error is only meaningful when combined with other troubleshooting information. The appropriate troubleshooting steps will therefore depend greatly on the initial data that is gathered. You should:

  • Determine if there is a correlation between the errors and any particular activity on the SQL Server instance or the server, such as extended stored procedure execution, linked server query execution, certain types of queries, certain users on the system, specific times of the day, scheduled jobs, etc.
  • Check the SQL Server error logs and the Event Viewer logs for other errors around the same time.
  • Check your sp_configure settings for ‘network packet size’. If ‘network packet size’ is greater than or equal to 8 KB, reset ‘network packet size’ back to the default value of 4 KB and see if that makes any difference.
  • In many cases you will need to involve Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for further troubleshooting steps.


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