%1: Operating system error %2 encountered.

Product: SQL Server
Event ID: 17053
Source: MSSQLServer
Version: 10.0
Component: SQLEngine
Symbolic Name: OS_ERROR
Message: %ls: Operating system error %ls encountered.

Generic operating system error occurred. Not clear what the resulting state is.

User Action

Usually this is in conjunction with some other error and should be used to help diagnose that failure. Examples would include reads or writes to data or log files that fail, registry read/write operations, or other unexpected Win32API failures.

Version: 8.0
Component: SQL Engine
Message: %1: Operating system error %2 encountered.
This message indicates that an error of some sort was returned from the operating system to a process within SQL Server. The process listed at the beginning of the message indicates which function within SQL Server received the error from the operating system. The exact operating system error number and text at the end of the message will vary depending on what problem the operating system encountered. This error is almost always seen in conjunction with other errors.
User Action
If the operating system error number from the end of the message is returned without a corresponding text message, you may be able to find the corresponding text with this command run from a command prompt:

net helpmsg OS_Error_Number

Because the error is reported from the operating system, your troubleshooting will be at the operating system or network level. You can search for help on the exact operating system error in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Check for other errors that occur at the same time and troubleshoot them in conjunction with this error message.


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