The MSSQLServer service terminated unexpectedly.

Product: SQL Server
Event ID: 14265
Source: MSSQLServer
Version: 1010.0
Component: SQLEngine
Symbolic Name: SQLErrorNum14265
Message: The MSSQLServer service terminated unexpectedly. Check the SQL Server error log and Windows System and Application event logs for possible causes.

The SQL Server service terminated unexpectedly.

User Action

Examine the error logs to figure out what caused the SQL Server service to terminate.

Version: 8.0
Component: SQL Engine
Message: The MSSQLServer service terminated unexpectedly.
The error is reported by the SQL Server Agent service when it auto restarts SQL Server. SQL Server Agent will only auto restart SQL Server if SQL Server stopped for some reason other than an explicit stop command from a user or application, and if the Auto restart SQL Server if it stops unexpectedly option is selected in SQL Server Agent Advanced properties. During the restart of SQL Server, SQL Server Agent will write this message to the application event log on the computer hosting SQL Server.

SQL Server can stop unexpectedly from several different causes. Those causes include:

  • Memory leaks from a process within the SQL Server memory space, such as from an extended stored procedure or from OLE automation.
  • Ending the sqlservr.exe process directly, such as from the Process tab on the Task Manager or with a program such as kill.exe from the Windows Resource Kit.
  • Some types of unhandled access violations.
User Action
If you do not want SQL Server Agent to automatically restart SQL Server, turn off the option. The procedure for this is described in “SQL Server Agent Properties (Advanced Tab)” in Books Online.

If the problem occurs repeatedly, you will need to determine why the SQL Server service unexpectedly stopped:

  • Check the SQL Server error log and the event viewer logs for any related errors that may help to explain why the service stopped unexpectedly.
  • Use Performance Monitor to monitor that status of the system and look for problems around the time that the service terminated.
  • For more information about how to generate a SQL dump file, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 827690. This information, combined with the output of SQLDiag.exe, can be used by Microsoft Product Support Services to help determine the root cause of your problem.


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