VMware ESX/ESXi – Snapshot Age

VMware is a virtualization platform many of our clients use – both VMware ESX and ESXi. VMware allows hardware resources to be utilized better and deploys new servers with much less effort than ever before. With Intelligent Monitoring you will have easy access to all key VMware performance information including information on VMware performance, resource consumption, and snapshots – just to name a few.

In this scenario, some work was performed on a number of virtual Windows Servers quite a while ago. To establish a restore point (in case something went wrong), the VMware administrator took a snapshot of the servers with the intention of keeping the snapshot for a few days. With other priorities on her schedule, she had forgotten about the snapshots.

With Intelligent Monitoring and the TOP 10 Dashboards feature, you could quickly identify the snapshot age making the task easier for the administrator to remote the snapshots and release the disk space. The TOP 10 Dashboards can very quickly draw attention to patterns or issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

VMware ESX/ESXi – Snapshot Age



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