Cluster resource ‘%1’ in Resource Group ‘%2’ failed.

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 1069
Source: ClusSvc
Version: 5.2
Message: Cluster resource ‘%1’ in Resource Group ‘%2’ failed.

The Cluster service reported that the indicated resource failed. The Cluster service will attempt to restart the resource or fail it over, but the causes of this message should be investigated.

Possible causes include:

  • The dependencies or other properties for the resource are not configured correctly in the cluster.
  • There is a hardware problem, such as a disconnected cable, incorrect termination of a SCSI bus, or failure of a device.
  • The application associated with the resource failed or became unavailable.
User Action

If the Cluster service continues to log this error, do the following:

If the resource is a disk:

  • Verify that the cables are connected correctly.
  • Check the termination of the SCSI bus.
  • Review the log files for all cluster nodes to determine whether other problems are indicated.

For other resources:

  • Check and correct problems with the application or service associated with the resource. If the application or service cannot start within reasonable time limits, diagnose and resolve the issues that might be causing the slow start.
  • Verify that the resource is configured correctly.
  • Verify that all dependent resources are configured correctly.
  • If the diagnostic log is enabled, check it for corresponding status codes.

For more information about the ClusSvc 1069 event, see related KB articles by searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base for Cluster and 1069 in the Search for box.


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