Consolidate Staging Area Warning Events

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 4202
Source: DFSR
Version: 5.2.3790.1830
Message: Consolidate Staging Area Warning Events

The DFS Replication service detected that the staging space usage exceeds the staging quota for the replicated folder. The service might fail to replicate some large files and the replicated folder might get out of sync. The service will attempt to clean up staging space automatically.


Staging files might be purged prematurely because the replicated folder contains files that are larger than the configured staging quota, or because the configured maximum staging size has been exceeded. This purging can cause excessive hard drive activity and CPU usage.

User Action

To avoid this error, increase the quota of the staging folder.

DFS Replication will stage any file for which disk space is available. This means that the user defined staging area quota can be exceeded for a single file as long as disk space is available. This message notifies you that this behavior has been triggered. If you are seeing this error often or if you are replicating several large files, you should increase the size of the staging area space in order to avoid excessive hard drive and CPU activity.


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