Event ID 63 — Jobs

Event ID 63 — Jobs

Updated: December 13, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

A BITS job represents one application’s request to transfer a set of files from a server or to a server. A job contains one or more files to transfer, and properties that specify how BITS transfers the files and interacts with an application (such as the priority of the job, the number of files allowed, and the network credentials used to authenticate to a server).

Event Details

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 63
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Bits-Client
Version: 7.0
Message: The BITS job %1 is configured to launch %3 after transfer of %2. The notification program returned error %4. BITS will continue to launch the program periodically until it succeeds.

Job Failures

If BITS jobs fail, use the following table to diagnose the cause of the error:

BITS Job entering TRANSIENT_ERROR with error code

Error Code Error Description Cause Resolution
0x80070057 E_INVALIDARG An invalid proxy server name was specified in the user’s Internet Explorer proxy settings.


This error is also seen when credentials are supplied for authentication schemes that are not NTLM/Negotiate, but the user name or password is NULL.

Change the user’s Internet Explorer settings to be a valid proxy server.

Change the credentials not to be NULL user name/password for schemes other than NTLM/Negotiate.

0x80072ee7 ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED This error indicates that the server or proxy could not be resolved by BITS. Try downloading the same file with the Web browser using the context of the job owner.
0n2147012889 ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED The ISA 2000 firewall client doesn’t automatically redirect traffic from svchost.exe processes. This limitation of the ISA firewall client has been fixed in the ISA 2004 firewall client.
0x80072f78 ERROR_HTTP_INVALID_SERVER_RESPONSE This is a transient error and the job will continue to download after MinimumRetryDelay for the job.  
0x800703eb ERROR_CAN_NOT_COMPLETE GetBestInterface fails with this error code because no default gateway is configured. Configure the default gateway or run the job in the foreground.

BITS job entering ERROR state with error code.

Error Code Error Description Cause Resolution
0x80200013 BG_E_INSUFFICIENT_RANGE_SUPPORT BITS uses range headers in HTTP requests to request parts of a file. If the server or proxy doesn’t understand Range requests and returns the full file instead of the requested range, BITS puts the job into the ERROR state with BG_E_INSUFFICIENT_RANGE_SUPPORT error. Capture the network traffic during the error and examine if HTTP GET requests with a “Range” header are getting valid responses.

Check proxy servers to ensure that they are configured correctly to support Range requests.

0x80200011 BG_E_MISSING_FILE_SIZE When BITS sends a HEAD request and the server or proxy does not return a Content-Length header in the response, BITS puts the job in ERROR state with BG_E_MISSING_FILE_SIZE. Check the proxy and server to ensure that they are configured correctly. Some versions of the Apache 2.0 proxy server are known to exhibit this behavior.
0x80190193 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_403 When the server returns HTTP 403 response in any of the requests, BITS puts the job in ERROR state with this error code.

HTTP 403 corresponds to the “Forbidden: Access is denied” error, which in general is returned for errors such as:

  • Forbidden: Read access is denied.
  • Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.
  • Forbidden: Cannot execute requested URL in the current application pool. IIS returns this error in some transient error cases too such as 403.9.
  • Forbidden: Too many clients are trying to connect to the Web server. 403.15.
  • Forbidden: Client access licenses have exceeded limits on the Web server.
Check access permissions for the user account running the job.
0x800704dd ERROR_NOT_LOGGED_ON The SENS service is not receiving user logon notifications. BITS (v2.0 and up) depends on logon notifications from Service Control Manager, which in turn depends on the SENS service. Check that the SENS service is started and running correctly.


To view jobs in the job queue:

  • From an elevated command prompt, type bitsadmin /list /allusers

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