Fault bucket %1.

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 1001
Source: Application Error
Version: 5.2
Symbolic Name: DW_BUCKET_LOG
Message: Fault bucket %1.

A fault bucket identification number is a number assigned by the system to identify specific types of errors. This number is used by Microsoft to identify a particular program error when you send an error report.

User Action

If an error report was generated for this error, you might be able to obtain more information about the error by sending the report to Microsoft for analysis.

What to expect

Microsoft actively analyzes all error reports and prioritizes them based on the number of customers affected by the error signature contained in the report. When a report is submitted, Microsoft will try to determine the cause of the error, categorize it according to the type of issue encountered, and send you relevant information when such information is available. However, because error reports do not always contain enough information to positively identify the source of the issue, Microsoft might need to collect a number of similar reports from other customers before a pattern is discovered. Although Microsoft may not be able to provide a solution for your particular error at this time, all information submitted is used to further improve the quality and reliability of our products.


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