Quota – configuration errors (recoverable)

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 11
Source: quota
Version: 5.2.3790.1830
Message: Quota – configuration errors (recoverable)

This alert is generated when the quota usage for one or more directories seems to be incorrect. As a result, quotas might not be properly enforced.


Possible causes include:

  • The quota minifilter driver was attached to a volume that was not cleanly dismounted (system failure).
  • The quota minifilter driver was attached to a volume after it was manually detached, which allows data to be saved to the volume without updating the quota usage information.
  • Transient errors occurred while processing I/O operations, which may have resulted in incorrect quota usage.
User Action

The system should be able to recover automatically form this state. You should monitor for an extended period of time whether the alert is resolved. If it is resolved, initiate a manual rescan of a volume using the File Server Resource Management (FSRM) command-line tools.


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