%1 (%2) %3The database engine stopped the instance (%4).

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 103
Source: ESENT
Version: 5.2
Message: %1 (%2) %3The database engine stopped the instance (%4).
There is only one Jet database engine, ESE.dll, per server. However, there can be one instance of Jet running per storage group. Event 103 indicates which instance has stopped. Event ID 103 has many potential causes – check events in the Application log before and after Event 103 to determine which errors are mentioned in the Description section of other events. Known causes for the database instance stopping with event 103 are as follows:

  • Failing to apply an Exchange service pack for a reinstall or an Exchange-aware restore.
  • Running out of disk space.
  • Attempting to restore multiple storage groups simultaneously.
  • Applying an Exchange service pack, which resulted in the databases becoming inconsistent.
User Action
The resolution depends on the error code in the Description of the associated events in the application log. In many cases, no user intervention will be necessary.


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