Error: “Gateway is not Reachable” or Connection Goes Down After the VPN Tunnel is Established

  • Citrix Virtual Adapter is registered as an Ethernet adapter. Starting with Windows 8, the WCMSVC (Windows Connection Manager) disconnects low speed connections because an Ethernet Adapter is seen as more reliable and provides better performance compared to other adapters. That’s the reason, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G adapters get disconnected. But those connections are needed for actual communication with VPN gateway, VPN plugin shows “Gateway is not reachable”.

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    ICA Connection Stuck at “Connection in Progress” on StoreFront

    When you capture a network trace while the endpoint is attempting to connect over the ICA session, you will notice a TCP-SYN retransmissions on 2598 for that server.

    The VDA has two network cards: Legacy and Synthetic. The ICA file which the endpoint receives, is listing an IP Address of the Legacy Adapter (which is non-routable from external network). Hence the ICA connection fails.

    We would ideally like to have an address in the ICA file which is reachable from the Internet and the Legacy network adapter is required to communicate with the PVS server initially, mostly in the same subnet. If over the legacy network adapter, we disable Gateway and attempt to connect again, this time ICA should come up with the synthetic adapter’s address.

    As per the PVS design, PVS Legacy NIC should have a 169.x.x.x address post the bootup completion. PVS uses the Synthetic network adapter for the communication with the PVS server.


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    Block Wireless Adapter

    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    Is there an option to block only  Wireless Adapter?

    I know that I can configure Location base adapter but I want to know if is there an option to block Wireless Adapter when I connect to ethernet adapter?

    I tried to do that but I saw that ethernet adapter and wireless adapter has the same class.





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    Collector server not pingable after applying appliance update script during Vipr SRM upgrade from V3.6.3 to V4.0.1

    Article Number: 493260 Article Version: 2 Article Type: Break Fix

    ViPR SRM

    Customer did manual upgrade to SRM from 3.6.3 to 4.0.1 and after the upgrade finished was unable to connect to the Collector Virtual Machine as it was not responding SRM or by using ping.

    Unknown why the network adapter became disabled

    1. Log in to the vSphere Client as an administrator and select Inventory > Hosts and Clusters.

    2. Select and expand the Data Director vApp, and right-click the Management Server virtual machine.

    3. Select Power > Power Off.

    4. Right-click the Management Server and select Edit Settings.

    a) Select the Hardware tab, and click Network Adapter .

    b) In the drop-down menu in the Network label field, select the appropriate Network Adapter. Note the name of the Network Adapter, select Remove and click OK.

    6. Right-click the Management Server virtual machine and click Power > Power On.

    7. After powered back on, Edit the setting again (as in step 4) and re-add the Network Adapter and click OK.

    You should now be able to ping and add this collector server to SRM

    This should not be done without the Customers permission as it can be disruptive to the environment.


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    Smarts SAM: Attempted to access undefined key ’47’ in table ‘notifFields’

    Article Number: 511427Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

    Smarts Service Assurance Manager Adapters

    Reviewing the SAM log in an environment with OI and Notif in place, there are many errors like this one in the log files:

    [October 18, 2017 1:19:27 PM GMT+00:00 +402ms] t@93316864 SAM-IP-NA-RED_NL-Driver_6

    ASL-W-ERROR_RULE_SOURCE-While executing rule set ‘/opt/InCharge9/SAM/smarts/rules/ics/ics-nl-processing.asl’

    ASL-ERROR_ACTION-While executing action at:

    ASL-CALL_STACK_RULE- RuleName: processNLNotifyV2, Line: 2504

    ASL-CALL_STACK_RULE- RuleName: NL_DELETE_V2, Line: 507


    ASL-CALL_STACK_RULE- RuleName: START, Line: 455

    ASL-ERROR_UNDEFINED_TABLE_KEY_ACCESS-Attempted to access undefined key ’47’ in table ‘notifFields’

    ASL-BAD_HASH_TABLE_INDEX-The index ’47’ is out of bounds

    This exception occurs when the logic searches for a device that has already been deleted from the topology. The issue is cosmetic and doesn’t interrupt normal operation of the SAM.

    Issue is cosmetic, however has been fixed in Smarts 9.5.



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    SEP 12 FW block Network connect after upgrade of Pulse Secure SSL-VPN Gateway

    I need a solution


    We have a condition in  SEP 12 FW  to ckeck if the client is using Juniper Virtual Network Adapter to connect through SSL-VPN, this condition was selected from predefined list. After we upgraded our SSL-VPN Gateway, SEP FW don’t recognize the Network Adapter anymore. We opened a Case by Pulse Secure  and they confirmed that as per the update apart from the Network Directories the is no changes done in the Virtual Adapter Setting.

    Has anyone faced this before and can someone shed some light on how to solve this. Or could anyone help us to understand how the SEP is fetching the virtual adapter information.




    7022538: BDI Query with Macro Expressions does not work when initial query returns 0 rows

    This document (7022538) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


    Operations Center 5.X


    You have Data Integrator (BDI) Adapter based off of a BDIDefinition which is setup to do a Delta Query using MacroExpressions. On starting the Adapter the initial BDI query returns0 rows from the given database, and in the Formula.trc you see awarning stating the BDI Adapter is throwing a type mismatchmessage.


    Modify the BDI Definition to check if the Computed property isset to NULL or is set to a value.
    Example BDI Definition:
    #if ( ${query.initial} ||!${query.getProperty().ComLastOccurTime})
    DATEADD(ss, LastOccurTime, ‘19700101’) > dateadd(hour, -1, getdate())
    LastOccurTime > ‘${query.getProperty().ComLastOccurTime}’
    In the above example I have${query.getProperty().ComLastOccurTime} as my computedproperty.


    The cause is due to Macro Expression Engine setting the“computed” property to “NULL” when the initial query returns 0rows. On the next iteration of the BDI Adapter it will execute theelse portion of the statement and plug in “NULL” for the “Computed”property.


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