What is the best approach to distinguish two slots of the same type?

I’m developing a chatbot that changes specific alarms to new time. This feature presents a great challenge since people can utter the phrase in two ways:

– utter the ‘from’ alarm first and then utter the ‘to’ alarm (e.g. change my 10 am alarm to 11 am) or,

– utter the ‘to’ alarm first and then utter the ‘from’ alarm (e.g. change to 11 am my alarm from 10 am)

What is the best approach, using slots, to deal with this problem?


Why do I have different FirstOccurrence for the alarm and the child alarms?

I have for an alarm the First Occurrence set to 3/2/17 9AM, and when I open child alarm the FirstOccurrence is 3/2/17 8AM. On the graph I can see that 8AM is the real start of the problem .
Also, on the same list, the alarm above selected is the same alarm, just first anomalious interval (same graph on the third picture, first anomalious interval).


Impact Services Reading Same Alarm Multiple Times

Dear All,
I have Netcool Impact 6.1.1 in our environment which is integrated with Servicenow for automatic ticketing purpose.
Some how the Impact policy is reading the alarm multiple times and this is happening once in a while.
Single Alarm is being read by Impact service multiple times where the Serial number is same for the action taken by Impact policy. This is creating multiple tickets for one alarm.
Why would Impact read the same alarm again? ImpactFlag was set to 1 once the Impact service created the ticket in Servicenow and as far as I understand that Impact service would not read that alarm again as the ImpactFlag was set to 1.

Any suggestions or idea will be appreciated.