I need a solution


Could you help me please.

I have been using GHost 15 for a long time.

But after I updated BIOS of my motherboard ASUS z170 pro gaming from 1xxx to any  3xxx version I can’t boot anymore from GHOST disk.GHOST boot drive.

the computer shows me notice like “looking for drivers” for a minute and after that- no keyboard and mouse in the system – and it is not possible to choose anything for restoring my image.

I tried several different mouses and KB. I tried to implement all requried drivers in to the boot disk.

unfortunately it was not succesfull.

Asus support team answered that it is not possible BIOS going back from 3xxx to 1xxx version so I can’t restore any of my images.

they confirmed that some critical changes were made in version 3xxx and I must update GHOST version.

Could you please advice how to restore my GHOST 15 images ?

thank you



License Key Error

I need a solution

Installing Endpoint onto two different client computers results in a license key error.

Both are ASUS X541N laptops with Pentiums, 4GB of RAM, and a 120GB SSD. And both say they installed Endpoint successfully initially. However, pulling up the program after install brings up the “No Services Are Installed” screen and Network Tests fail despite the network being fine with every other program (and no other security is blocking it). After a while they will bring up the “License Key Error” pop-up that requests a purchase, but they were both installed with a redistributable package so they should be tied to our account.

This has happened multiple times as well. I’ve uninstalled, restarted, run CEDAR, run CleanWipe, and deleted the Norton and NortonInstaller folders from ProgramData (while in safe mode) and yet every new install yields the same result.

One computer has been in use for about a month and initially Endpoint worked. The other computer has not been used aside from installing a fresh Windows Image.



PCI-E sound card issue

first of all: I’m not English so I apologise for any mistake and this is the only place I found to post a question on an IBM forum so I’m sorry if I posted it on the wrong place.
I have an issue with an Asus Xonar Essence STX II pci express sound card with my IBM Intellistation Z Pro 9228: while booting into the OS (both linux and windows) the workstation restarts due to a nmi error caused by serr device. It’s not a sound card problem as I tried it on other PCs and it works fine.
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
p.s. if you want to, I can attach a picture of the error message.