HA connectivity for Unity replication ports

My customer uses the Unity as external array for VSP. However only the 2 replication ports (SPA0 & SPB0) are working (for unknown reason). As a result, it would make to have each port connected to different fabric for redundancy.

However the Unity HA white paper suggests the same port on both SPs be on same switch. That also let me think what if we use these two ports for replication. Do we also need to keep them on the same fabric? Don’t we lose redundancy that way? can anyone please explain a little? Thanks.

Since the physical ports must always match on both SPs, the same port numbers are always used for host access in the event of a failover. For example, if Ethernet Port 2 on SPA is currently used for host access, the same port would be used on SPB in the event of a failure. Because of this, connect the same port on both SPs to the same switch or host for multi-pathing purposes


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