blacklisted again anda again only on symantec

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Please help me i cannot find any problem this is a fresh server 

no spam , spf + dkim , PTR

i also hire specialist IT it tolds me my server is ok 
no other blacklist block me only symantec
i go again and again in this blacklist
please help
i wrote a mail to investagation no1 reply me 
i am frustrated



Ip blacklisted

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


I am the new owner of ip and i am starting to delist it.I have a problem:When i try to send email appares  550 mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address .

My ip is Can you check please and tell me whaty can i do for resolve this problem?

Tahnk you very much! Mario



Domain White-listing Request

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

After some discussions with Symantec messaging teams, our business partners who are using Symantec Message Labs as their message filtering service have reported that the sender “” is blacklisted by Symantec Message Labs. This is resulting in some of the emails from our domain not getting delivered in the business partner environment.This is a whitelisting request to enable and senders in your message filtering service. If you need any information, please let me know..



Blacklisted IP Address creating problem

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


we have been experiencing problems with our mail server for a while, as it has been blacklisted by Symantec.

We are constantly checking our IP address ( and it is considered with good reputation everywhere, except on Symantec.

Our customers keep complaining that their clients don’t receive their emails and we don’t understand why our server keeps being blacklisted.

Every day we use the IP reputation investigation tool, but everytime we check it again is blacklisted again and it doesn’t give us any reason.

Please help us removing our IP address from your blacklist or give us any hint on how to fix this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Andrea Crescimone



How to lock Chrome to a single site by using Android Enterprise policies ?


Allow access to a list of URLs

Data type:

List of strings [Android:string] (encoded as a JSON string, for details see

Windows registry location for Windows clients:

Android restriction name:



Allows access to the listed URLs, as exceptions to the URL blacklist.

See the description of the URL blacklist policy for the format of entries of this list.

This policy can be used to open exceptions to restrictive blacklists. For example, ‘*’ can be blacklisted to block all requests, and this policy can be used to allow access to a limited list of URLs. It can be used to open exceptions to certain schemes, subdomains of other domains, ports, or specific paths.

The most specific filter will determine if a URL is blocked or allowed. The whitelist takes precedence over the blacklist.

If this policy is not set there will be no exceptions to the blacklist from the ‘URLBlacklist’ policy.


[ “”, ““, “”, “https://server:8080/path“, “” ]

  • The way Android Managed configuration is designed is CEM only saves and sends the config to google android management via google api , its google who sends the config to Chrome app installed inside Work container. There is no Secure Hub involved in this . The policy keys, values all are decided by App developer.
  • It could also be that when the policy is configured on the CEM server you are not passing the right expected format for the values .

Based on the doc here ,

please Block all sites and allow selected site as below.


Blacklisted from

I need a solution


My client is unable to send any emails to recipients that use the Messagelabs Filtering system.

We use Office 365 and they are coming back clean on all the spam blacklists I’ve tried, including Symantec’s.

The bounceback message we receive is:

550 5.0.350 Remote server returned an error -> 553 Message filtered. Refer to the Troubleshooting page at; for more;information. (#5.7.1)

Please, could someone help remove us from this blacklist? It’s causing so much trouble for both my client and me! I don’t want to post the domain in this post, but if someone from Symantec needs it, please ask!





IP Blacklist/Removal

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Good day!
About a month ago, we migrated a mail server to a new provider. And for about a month now we have been experiencing problems in correspondence with our partners (,, …). Our mail is not delivered.
The IP address of our Microsoft Exchange server is
Can you remove it from your blacklist?