7018600: Registration in SUSE Manager is aborted with SSL/certificate error.

Specially in the case of a migration, please make sure the bootstrap script has all the latest changes. If unsure, the easiest way to do it is by fully patching the SUSE Manager server and regenerating it, with (parameters can differ, depending on the needs):


Then, the script should be edited, doing the usual changes:

#exit 1



But this time, also the following lines should be changed to look like this:



Should the following lines exist, they need to be commented (although updating the bootstrap script should have deleted them, so the following step wouldn’t normally be needed ):

#echo “* removing TLS certificate used for bootstrap”

#echo ” (will be re-added via salt state)”


Additionally, and specially in the case of old unsupported releases, the following packages should be updated:






Why am I getting a NullPointerException related to fixAdhocReportsDependency when running bootstrapProcesServerData?

We recently tried to upgrade our BPM system. During the upgrade, we are seeing the following exception when the bootstrap command is running during DMgr startup.
The bootstrapProcesServerData.log shows issues with the system data toolkit.

[8/25/17 20:09:32:506 EDT] 00000001 ImportFileHel I File D:IBMBPMV8.5BPMLombardiimportssystem-toolkit.twx failed…..

[8/25/17 20:09:32:506 EDT] 00000001 ImportFileHel E CWLLG2015E: An unexpected runtime exception occurred. See exception for more details. Error: null.
at com.ibm.bpm.bootstrap.ImportFileHelper.fixAdhocReportsDependency(ImportFileHelper.java:189)
at com.ibm.bpm.bootstrap.ImportFileHelper.importFile(ImportFileHelper.java:155)
at com.ibm.bpm.bootstrap.ImportFileHelper.importTWXFile(ImportFileHelper.java:116)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:95)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:56)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:620)
at com.ibm.bpm.pal.commands.impl.internal.BPMImportOfflineHelper.importFile(BPMImportOfflineHelper.java:106)
at com.ibm.bpm.pal.commands.impl.internal.BPMImportOffline.execute(BPMImportOffline.java:89)
at com.ibm.bpm.config.util.ConfigHelper.invokeAdminCommand(ConfigHelper.java:2399)
at com.ibm.bpm.config.util.ConfigHelper.invokeAdminCommand(ConfigHelper.java:1956)
at com.ibm.bpm.bootstrap.BootstrapProcessServerDataHelper.bootstrapProcessServerData(BootstrapProcessServerDataHelper.java:637)
at com.ibm.bpm.bootstrap.BootstrapProcessServerDataHelper.bootstrapData(BootstrapProcessServerDataHelper.java:353)


Re: Networker 9.1.x disaster recovery with CloudBoost

At the Administration Guide (version 9.1), recovering from cloudboost devices is allowed, but with the following exception:

– for bootstrap backup, you must manually clone to another device. (page 106)

Because of that, I think that a better DR design would be, send bootstrap backup to an AFTD devices (local or NFS filesystem) and then, maybe, clone it to Cloudboost device as a secondary level protection.

Please Hrvoje Crvelin, correct me if I am wrong; in case you perform a Networker DR with bootstrap from an AFTD device, you will not need to configure again the CloudBoost device on Networker because it was part of resource database, so it should be there after “nsrdr” command completion.


7020969: Registration of RedHat 6.2 server fails under SuseManager 3.0: “[Errno 14] Peer cert cannot be verified or peer cert invalid”.

Please edit the bootstrap script and make sure the following changes are applied:

ORG_GPG entry should be set:


The following lines should be commented out:

#echo “* removing TLS certificate used for bootstrap”

#echo ” (will be re-added via salt state)”



Where does Composer create the /vendor directory

I’ve created the sample PHP app under Bluemix.
I now want to add some libraries (initially twitter/bootstrap, but there will be others) , so am using **Composer**. I can see from the log that when deploy ran, it installed bootstrap – but where is it ? I can’t find the **/vendor** directory anywhere. Where is it ?

**ok, I’ve found it – but how do I get to it ?**

I can see that **/home/vcap/app** contains **htdocs** and **lib**.
**/home/vcap/app/htdocs** – is my root directory and contains my code
**/home/vcap/app/lib** – contains **/vendor** and the bootstrap library etc.

I’m using **.user.ini** to pre-load a **siteheader.html** file that contains my “ statements and loads the JS and CSS code.

But can I sort the syntax of the “ and “ statements so they find and load the **.js**/**.css** files – No I can’t.


Bootstrapping pairwise not listwise in spss then use matrix in Amos?

Can I bootstrap a correlation matrix pairwise due to different n on each variable (in SPSS) and then use this as input into Amos? I would like to retain as much data as possible (and still bootstrap) however the N on each variable in the matrix varies.


How to change license type?

If want to change license type in FileNet Content Engine, from the official document: https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27039138

‘If you rerun the “Choose Licenses” task with a different set of licensing choices, you must rerun the “Configure Bootstrap and Text Extraction” and “Deploy Application” tasks so that the running application always has the correct licensing information. ‘

From my understanding, user could not change license type without rerun “Configure Bootstrap and Text Extraction” and “Deploy Application” tasks.

Am I right?