Can’t purchase SEP?

I need a solution

Hi all.  Has anyone been able to order SEP any time in the past month?  As a Symantec partner, I do my SEP ordering at Ingram.  Ingram is unprepared for this Broadcom merger and they’re falling apart over there.  I have been nearly a month trying to place some orders for new customers.  These customers have purchased new computers as part of the Win 7 situation, and we’re having to deploy them WITHOUT ANY ENDPOINT SECURITY.   To say this situation is riduclous is an udnerstatement.  

When I do get a reply from Ingram, it was at first to say things like they are in training for the new procedures and have reduced staff etc. while adapting to tthe Broadcom stuff.  So I let it go a bit what with the holidays and all.  Inquiring further a couple weeks later, now I’m told they’re prioritizing renewals it seems at least to the end of January, so basically will not get my orders in anytime soon, and really in my mind who knows if Feb 1 we’ll just be told sorry we’re backed up for a nother month. 

What I find odd is that SEP will keep on functioning just fine whether you’re license is current or not, at least for 30 days or more.  So why not let existing customers continue as-is and fix up their licensing renewals later, and prioritize taking on new customers who, unless they’re loyal Symantec people like me, will end up moving elsewhere.   

So again I have business clients that are running computers without any form of endpoint security.  Am I the only Symantec partner finding this situation utterly idiotic?  . 

Also is there a Symantec parnter group on here?  The PartnerNet doens’t seem very active.  




NIC teaming not working with sep 12.1.6

I need a solution


I try to install SEP 12.1.6 on our new Server (Windows Server 2016) , the server has 2 NICs configured as team (Mode LACP – dynamic – 2x 10G Broadcom Interfaces). 

As soon as I install sep the team is not reachable anymore, it seems like the IP configuration has been lost. 

I tried the following workaround from the KB Broadcom Teaming network adapter fails to acquire IP address after installing Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 but it does not fix my problem. When I uninstall the SEP package everything is working fine. 

Any ideas to fix the problem ?