WSS SyncAPI Data Chunk size

I need a solution


As per the documentation:

“The client expects a 200 response code containing chunked data and an X-sync-status: more pair in the sync trailer if more data is available or X-sync-status: done if all available data was returned.”

Can anyone tell me what is the size of the chunk data when we get the reply X-sync-status: more?

I am working on an issue where I only have a limited size that I can download, and I want to stop it when the download size gets too big. 

Thank you



CICS Web Support : Problem in reading Set-cookie header


While reading the headers after the CICS web receive, I got set-cookie header. There are number of parameters/values in this header sent by HTTP server. But, in response I could receive only one parameter/value.I further investigated and could see the transfer encoding is chunked is this the reason I am receiving only one parameter/value in the set-cookie header?

Could you please help me how to receive entire value of the set-cookie?