Re: parsing error uemcli create snapshot


I’m not an engineer, but I’m looking into this from a documentation perspective. This switch has changed a couple of times since Unity came out, so because it could depend on your OE, I’d recommend running the -h option on /prot/snap create to get the correct info.

I believe the switch should be -replicateSnap and you should drop the “yes” after it.

/prot/snap create [ -async ] -source <value> [ -name <value> ] [ -descr <value> ] [ -access { ckpt | share } ] [ { -keepFor <value> | -allowAutoDelete { yes | no } } ] [ -replicateSnap [ { -keepSameAsSource | -keepRemotelyFor <value> | -allowRemoteAutoDelete { yes | no } } ] ]

Hopefully I can confirm this shortly with Engineering and get the document updated for our next release.




Re: NAS Proxy functionality

Additionally, over SMB, snapshots can frequently be seen by using either:

a) the previous versions tab (from a windows box)


b) by changing your path from \proxyrepodoc to \proxyrepodoc.ckpt .Different NAS systems call this different things. VNX/Celerra was always .ckpt, Isilon + NetApp use .snapshot, and so-forth, however in some cases it’s hidden over SMB. Of course confirming that the snapshots are there in the first place is where I would start.