Command line uploads to Github

I need a solution

I am trying to create controls around unauthorized upload of PII data to personal Github accounts. I am looking at two different usecases, the first one deals with uploading the file/code via the Github website and the second one deals with committing it via the Windows commandline. I have figured out a way to deal with the first usecase but couldnt figure out a way to deal with the second.

In short, if any user uses these commands:

git add .

git remote add origin

git commit -m “commit message”

git push -u origin master

It should trigger a violation in the Endpoint section of DLP.




-113,7 +113,7 @@ def replace(self, table, dataframe, batch_size=None):. new.table = destination. new.create(bind=self._connection). self.insert(, dataframe, batch_size=batch_size). – self.execute(“BEGIN; SET LOCAL statement_timeout = ‘1min’; ANALYZE %s; COMMIT;” % table).


Re: Critical Error :The Block OE software version must be committed.

Hi Community,

I need an help for below critical error in one of our VNX5400(Unified) system

Message : The Block OE software version ( has been updated to a version that is supported by the File OE software version (8.1.9-184). However, it has not been committed. It is critical that you commit the Block OE software.

Full Description : The Block OE software version must be committed. Otherwise your system may not function properly.

Recommended Action : Commit the Block OE software. The Block OE software may be committed from Unisphere,

or by invoking the following command from the CLI: ” /nas/sbin/navicli -h <SPA IP address> ndu -commit VNX-Block-Operating-Environment “.

Event Code : 0x12603a002d

Storage System has Block Software version is and File Software Version is 8.1.9-184.As we have Unified Box, but nothing we configured/used VNX File software.

So I went system propertied and then tried to Commit OE under Software->VNX Block-OE,but “Commit Option “ is gray out .So please can you help how to fix this error.

Thanks for your support


update query in oracle when sga size is small and table data is huge

Here’s a simple metaphor.

I want to empty a swimming pool (“delete”) but I only have a bucket (“small sga”). How do I do it ?

– Well, I get one bucket of water, and tip it out.

– Then another bucket of water, and tip it out.

– And so on…and so on.

The same applies here.

(a) I’ll read some blocks into the buffer cache, modify them as per the update

(b) I’ll read more blocks into the buffer cache, modify them as per the update

(c) Now when I go to read more blocks, the cache is full.

(d) So I’ll flush some blocks out (if they are untouched, I’ll just discard them, if they are dirty, ie, altered, I’ll flush them back down to disk)

(e) Now I have room for more blocks, go to (a)

When we change data, we do not “queue up” all the changes and only do them when we commit. We actually go ahead do the changes as they are needed. That’s why a commit is very fast.

The price of that is that if you rollback, we have to undo all that work. Which is why a rollback can be very slow (and resource intensive)


Problem with toolchain

We have recently upgraded to BlueMix Toolchain. It was successful, but after that our developers are unable to commit code in the Git repository. They can pull , build and deploy but not check in.
It says they only have read access. please suggest how to resolve this?


Push command successful but no changes reflected on Remote Repository file

[link text][1]Dear Team,

I am doing IBM Blockchain for developers.
As part of lab assignments in Course 3, I have the following question.

I did the following steps as part of “Lab solution: clone and edit chaincode”.

First I forked and cloned the repository from Github to my local workstation.- All successful.

Then I did the following steps:

1 I did the changes in the Local Repository File and ran the git add –all and then ran commit with the commit command by adding comments. All successful
2 I ran the Push command to update the changes in Remote Repository Server .
3 Push command gives success message, but when I open the Remote Server File, the changes are not reflected in the Remote Server File.

I have attached a pdf file with the above successful steps and comments.

What could be the reason ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Surya Kumar

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/14903-push-not-reflected-in-remote-repository.pdf


Manage transactions in the cloud, Part 1: Transaction basics and distributed transactions

In this first part of a two-part series, André Fachat discusses
transaction basics and distributed transactions. Transactions can make error
handling easy, not just with a single resource but also across resources.
Here, André shows you how two-phase commit distributed transactions work and
points out that even they are only “eventually consistent,” if only by a small
time interval. He also illustrates how a persistent transaction log in the
transaction manager is a requirement for distributed transactions.


new Simple Cloud Foundry toolchain (v2) git log doesn’t work

git log –name-status ‘HEAD^..HEAD’

Git log does not work in a bash script in the new pipeline.

It worked on Jazzhub, but not in this new one.

Whenever I run it , my build hangs for 1 hour and then gets auto canceled.

I think it must be the ^ character?

Here is output of log. I added set -o verbose to try and see what’s going on.
It performs the command great but always that (END)K on the end. And then hangs.

Cloning the ‘current’ branch from repo ‘https://****/****/*****.git’
Repository successfully cloned
Getting changes from revision ‘***’ to revision ‘***’
Found 12
[{“timestamp” change(s) since the last build.
Source changes uploaded successfully.

export CC=ics # CC is the customer code,

echo “############### Starting Build for $BUILD_LABEL from the following commit ##############”
############### Starting Build for ics-23 from the following commit ##############
echo $BLUEMIX_DOTAGS > /dev/null #NOTE: have to add this or variable doesn’t exist some how
git log –name-status ‘HEAD^..HEAD’
commit ****
Author: Doug Robinson
Date: Wed Apr 5 16:18:38 2017 -0400

[wcbd] adding in key for dropbox

M wcbd/
A wcbd/dem_dropbox