Citrix App Layering | Adding version to OS Layer failing with error “Failed to duplicate layer. Please ensure that Windows was shut down properly.”

Adding version to OS Layer failing with error “Failed to duplicate layer. Please ensure that Windows was shut down properly”.

Screenshot of the error:

User-added image

On the ELM logs, we would see the below errors:

2021-07-14 09:20:34,824 INFO DefaultPool2 CopyPartitionByNtfsCloneJobStep: Cloning NTFS from block device /dev/nbd946p1 to /dev/nbd947p1

2021-07-14 09:20:34,875 ERROR DefaultPool2 CopyPartitionByNtfsCloneJobStep: NtfsClone failure (exitCode 1), repository reports 2760335364096 bytes remaining out of 3297175932928 bytes total

2021-07-14 09:20:34,880 ERROR DefaultPool2 CopyPartitionByNtfsCloneJobStep: NtfsClone failure: ERROR: Volume ‘/dev/nbd946p1’ is scheduled for a check or it was shutdown uncleanly. Please boot Windows or use the –force option to progress.

2021-07-14 09:20:34,880 ERROR DefaultPool2 JobStepEnumerator: Job step failed: MessageId=FailedNtfsClone, DefaultTitle=, CategoryData={[ExternalToolFailure { Call = “/usr/sbin/ntfsclone”, Args = “-O /dev/nbd947p1 /dev/nbd946p1”, Output = “”, Error = “ntfsclone v2018.3.1AR.1 (libntfs-3g)”, ErrorCode = 1 }]}

2021-07-14 09:20:34,880 INFO DefaultPool2 JobInterceptor: FinalizeLayerJob for JobId ‘768d6e’ has failed


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“Your Operation is Canceled.”Receiver 4.5 – Scan and 4.6 -USB Redirection Failing on Receiver for Windows 4.6

A public fix for this case issue has been released, and is available for download.


The issue is documented in the current documentation.


◦Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 and 4.6 might fail to perform the scan function with the following error message:

“Your operation is canceled.”



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Workspace App for Windows – Error “Cannot start app” intermittently

In Receiver’s error file you will find following message:

Launch error code: 3

Error launching the ICA file

Unable to launch using CCM (url)

at Dazzle.LaunchUtils.ICALaunchUtils.LaunchViaFile(String quotedIcaFilePath, String cmdline, String url)

Create the following exclusions for Imprivata hooking files in the client/end point registry:





“Receiver.exe “=””




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Receiver install error “The requested operation has failed”

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.

Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

Unable to install Citrix receiver on a new computer. Error “The requested operation has failed” or “An error occurred during the installation assembly”.

User-added image
User-added image


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Cloud Gear Icon returning “this page isn't working HTTP ERROR 400”


error “this page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 400” may be displayed when trying to access the Cloud XenMobile / Endpoint Management Client instance when customers go to their own and then click on the Could Gear Icon from the green tool bar at the top

User-added image

Doing so, will return “this page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 400”

User-added image


It was confirmed the actual recommended method for all customers to access the XenMobile / Endpoint Management Console is via


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Citrix Provisioning Target Device Boot Failure “Error: “Status 0xc000000e. A required device isn't connect or can't be accessed “

While booting a physical Target Device the Target fails with a BSOD:

“Status 0xc000000e. A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed”

Although the physical device from which the vDisk was created does boot without error, all subsequent Targets fail.


How to fix Event ID 455 ESENT error on Windows 10

ESENT is a built-in database search engine on your PC which helps File Explorer, Windows Search to search for parameters throughout your Windows 10 computer. If you’re encountering the Event ID 455 ESENT error on your Windows 10 device, then this post is intended to help you. In this post, we will provide the potential solutions you can try to mitigate this issue.

When this error occurs, you’ll see in the event log the following error description;

svchost (15692,R,98) TILEREPOSITORYS-1-5-18: Error -1023 (0xfffffc01) occurred while opening logfile


Fix Event ID 455 ESENT error

If you’re faced with this Event ID 455 ESENT error on your Windows 10 PC, you can try either of our two recommended solutions presented below to resolve the issue.

  1. Create Database folder in TileDataLayer folder via File Explorer
  2. Create Database folder in TileDataLayer folder via Command Prompt

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning either of the listed solutions.

1] Create a Database folder in TileDataLayer folder via File Explorer

To create a Database folder in TileDataLayer folder via File Explorer, do the following:

  • Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.
  • In the Run dialog, copy and paste the directory path (assuming the C drive is housing your Windows 10 installation) below and hit Enter.
  • Now, right-click on the open space and then click New >Folder to create a folder in that location.
  • Next, rename the new folder as TileDataLayer.
  • Now, double-click the newly created TileDataLayer folder on it to explore it.
  • Again right-click on the space within the open folder and then click New >Folder to create a new folder.
  • Rename the new folder as Database.
  • Exit File Explorer
  • Reboot your computer.

After rebooting the Event ID 455 ESENT error should be fixed.

Alternatively, to achieve the same result using File Explorer, you can use the CMD Prompt. Continue below to see how.

2] Create a Database folder in TileDataLayer folder via Command Prompt

To create a Database folder in TileDataLayer folder via Command Prompt, do the following:

  • Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.
  • In the Run dialog box, type cmd and then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to open Command Prompt in admin/elevated mode.
  • In the command prompt window, copy and paste the syntax below one by one and hit Enter after each line to execute them sequentially on your computer.
cd configsystemprofileAppDataLocalmkdir TileDataLayercd TileDataLayermkdir Database
  • Once the task completes, exit the CMD prompt.
  • Reboot your computer.

After rebooting the Event ID 455 ESENT error should be fixed.


ESENT is an embeddable, transactional database engine. It first shipped with Microsoft Windows 2000 and has been available for developers to use since then. You can use ESENT for applications that need reliable, high-performance, low-overhead storage of structured or semi-structured data. The ESENT engine can help with data needs ranging from something as simple as a hash table that is too large to store in memory to something more complex such as an application with tables, columns, and indexes.

Active Directory, Windows Desktop Search, Windows Mail, Live Mesh, and Windows Update, currently rely on ESENT for data storage. And Microsoft Exchange stores all of its mailbox data (a large server typically has dozens of terabytes of data) using a slightly modified version of the ESENT code.


Significant technical features of ESENT include:

  • ACID transactions with savepoints, lazy commits, and robust crash recovery.
  • Snapshot isolation.
  • Record-level locking (multi-versioning provides non-blocking reads).
  • Highly concurrent database access.
  • Flexible meta-data (tens of thousands of columns, tables, and indexes are possible).
  • Indexing support for integer, floating-point, ASCII, Unicode, and binary columns.
  • Sophisticated index types, including conditional, tuple, and multi-valued.
  • Columns that can be up to 2GB with a maximum database size of 16TB.


  • No additional download needed. ManagedEsent uses the native esent.dll that already comes as part of every version of Microsoft Windows.
  • No administration required. ESENT automatically manages log files, database recovery, and even the database cache size.

Note: The ESENT database file cannot be shared between multiple processes simultaneously. ESENT works best for applications with simple, predefined queries; if you have an application with complex, ad-hoc queries, a storage solution that provides a query layer will work better for you.


“Access is denied” error while login to a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Citrix VDA7.15 CU installed

To fix this Access is denied error, add following registry and restart the server.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminal Server

Name: IgnoreRegUserConfigErrors


Value: 1


Name: MaxTokenSize


Value: 48000 (Decimal)