Slow Performance When Zooming In and Out of CAD Applications Using the Mouse Wheel

Resolved by LC8976 which fixes an issue where the Citrix graphics driver receives an incorrect mouse location from the operating system.

To enable the fix, set the following registry key:


Name: DisableAppendMouse


Data: 00000001

However, when you use the HDX session after setting the registry key, certain features that programmatically set the mouse pointer location might not work as expected. The features are:

  • Mouse Snap To feature.
  • The capability to synchronize mouse location between users with GotoMeeting screen sharing.
  • The capability to synchronize mouse location between users with Skype for Business screen sharing.


How to disable two finger and three finger gesture/tap in Citrix Reveiver for Andorid


How to disable two finger and three finger gesture/tap in Citrix Reveiver for Andorid


The two finger tap for Mouse pointer and the three finger tap for the keyboard will be disabled if the user used “Multi-Touch Mode”

In the InSession Menu, user have to toggle to Multi-Touch Mode by tapping the above shown icon twice.


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SEPM – Block all HID devices using GUID unsuccessful for keyboard

I need a solution

Attempting to block all HID (Human Interface Devices; keyboard, mice, etc) via GUID.

In SEPM we blocked using the baked in GUID called “Human Interface Devices”. It successfully blocked the mouse.

However the keyboard, a Dell CN-0N6R8G-PRC00-83U-00CZ-A03, still worked.

Went to device manager and verified the GUID Class ID for the keyboard was the same as the baked in HID we blocked in SEPM:


Any ideas why it worked to block the mouse, but not the keyboard?

Any ideas to remedy and block the keyboard too? We want to block all keyboards, not just this specific one. We want to block them all to create a whitelist of approved devices.




XA 7.x: Mouse click settings in ICA session.

ICA session inherits the mouse settings that you have on your client machine where you are launching the Citrix app or desktop from.

This is irrespective of mouse settings on VDA.

For example, if I have right handed mouse settings on client and I launch app from that machine, it will redirect right handed mouse setting.

Now if I want to change the mouse to left handed mouse in ICA then I need to set the mouse setting to left handed mouse on client machine.

Making changes in registry on VDA for that particular session for mouse settings doesn’t change this behavior.


7021813: Using the Middle Mouse Button in X Windows

Middle Mouse Button Functionality

If you are having trouble using the middle mouse button in your X client applications (such as pasting copied clipboard text into xterm), try the following:

Configure Mouse Driver

Depending on your hardware and system, you may be able to configure an OEM Mouse Driver or Microsoft IntelliPoint Driver.

OEM Mouse Driver

Open the mouse configuration utility provided with your system or mouse hardware (if available). Use this utility to configure the middle mouse button (or pressing of the mouse wheel) to function as a middle button click.

Figure 1. Example: Windows taskbar tray icon for Dell mouse utilityFigure 1. Example: Windows taskbar tray icon for Dell mouse utility

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Figure 1. Example: Windows taskbar tray icon for Dell mouse utility
Figure 2. Example: Configuring middle button function in Dell mouse utility

Microsoft IntelliPoint Driver

If you do not have any hardware-specific mouse driver installed, or it does not support middle mouse button configuration, try downloading and installing the appropriate Microsoft IntelliPoint driver for your Windows operating system:

After installing the IntelliPoint software, open Control Panel > Mouse and configure the wheel button to function as a middle click.

Note: If you need your middle mouse button to perform a different function in other applications, enable program-specific settings.

Enable Middle Button Emulation in Reflection X or Reflection X Advantage

If your mouse does not have a middle button, you can enable middle button emulation in Reflection X settings.

After enabling this feature, when you press the left and right buttons simultaneously, the X Manager treats it as a middle mouse button click.

Note: This feature is not supported in Reflection X Advantage version 2.0 through 4.0. This feature is supported beginning in Reflection X Advantage 4.0.345 or higher.


How to adjust style properties using Single Select control from BPM 8.5.7 Responsive toolkit

We are using the Single Select control from BPM 8.5.7 Responsive toolkit.
When we are using the Single Select control inside a Tab and try to visit the list of items using the toggle buttons
present on the scrollbars, it closes the list and does not let you select the desired item, however, if we scroll the list without clicking on the toggle buttons (with the help of keyboard/scrolling wheel of the mouse) it does work fine.
To achieve scrolling, we use the “Properties” setting and set height to 15em with automatic srcoll.
This is not the case when the scrollbars (=same Properties setting) in the Single Select control are used outside Tabs, for instance in a Section, it does work perfectly fine.