Failed to launch session with the error code “Your session ‘AppName’ did not launch successfully due to error code 3505. Please contact your administrator for more information about the error.” on Citrix Workspace App During App/Desktop Launch

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.

Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

When launching an application or desktop session using Citrix Workspace App, the session fails to launch with the error code “Your session ‘AppName’ did not launch successfully due to error code 3505. Please contact your administrator for more information about the error.”


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Receiver 4.0 for Windows Unable to Use Least Loaded Server Using Custom ICA file with “HTTPBrowserAddress=”

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.

Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

When using Receiver version 4.0 and a custom ICA file with a value set for an Application name for the tag “HTTPBrowserAddress=”, it might not be possible to connect to the least loaded server.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Install Receiver for Windows 4.0.
  2. Try to launch a published application via Citrix Quick Launch tool.

    Ensure “Launch on this server” check box is cleared.

Expected behavior: The application can be launched successfully.

Actual behavior: Cannot launch the application. The following message is displayed:

“Unable to launch your application. Contact your help desk with the following information: Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server. There is no Citrix XenApp server configured on the specified address.”


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Error: “There are no apps or desktops assigned to you at this time” after Logging into StoreFront

CTX141317 – NetScaler Gateway 10.5, Maintenance Release 54.9

Known Issue: When you use the Set Up NetScaler for XenApp/XenDesktop wizard in NetScaler, apply optimization settings, and bind the cache policy globally, when users log on with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in and open Citrix Receiver, the applications and desktops do not appear. The following message appears: There are no apps or desktops assigned to you at this time. Citrix recommends disabling the optimization settings.

[From NG_10_5_53_9][#411152]


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Error: “License server is not connected” in Citrix Director

1) (Go To):C:Program Files (x86)CitrixLicensingMyFiles

2) (Open file): “CITRIX.opt” with Notepad.

3) At the bottom of that file, (add) “#CITRIX SGPOFF”

4) (Select) Save

5) Restart Citrix Licensing Service on the license server.

6) Restart Citrix Broker Service on all the delivery controllers.

7) Re-launch Citrix Director to see no errors.

Note: If the above step does not work, uninstall the current license server then download and install the latest version of License Server (11.12.1 Build 14100) or newer.


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How to Enable Real Time Receiver Logs

  • Re-launch Citrix Receiver from the Start menu.

    When Citrix Receiver is launched all actions performed will be logged in: (receiver.exe –v –console CMD window)

    This tool is very handy when troubleshooting Receiver problems on a Windows platform. You can always copy the contents of the logs to a text editor to review the findings.

    Note: Applicable to Citrix Receiver 3.x or higher.

    To receive logging information for Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.4 version refer to the alternative method mentioned in How to Enable Logging on Receiver for Windows Using Registry Entries

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    How do you want to open this – Metaframe ServerFTA repeated prompt in Published Apps

    The following behavior will be seen in published applications on Server 2016:

    1. Publish an application such as Outlook to a Server VDA running Server 2016

    2. Launch the published application with a user that has *never* launched a desktop session on that VDA. The significance of this will become apparent later in this article.

    3. Click on any URL link within the application. If you are using Wordpad for your test you will get the following error “Wordpad was unable to open the URL. Check the URL and try again…”


    4. If you are using Outlook or most other applications you will be prompted with the following:


    This is by design. Citrix Metaframe Server FTA refers to a filter program for Host to Client Redirection – a feature that redirects URL launch requests from a VDA down to the default browser on the client. Users that want to take advantage of this feature should select Citrix Metaframe Server FTA, select the “Always use this app” checkbox if appropriate and click “OK”.

    Note: Your Citrix Administrator will still need to enable the Citrix policy “Host to Client Redirection” for your account for this feature to be enabled.

    5. What is not by design is that subsequent clicks on URLs within the published application, even in the same session, will continue to prompt with:

    OpenWith Repeat

    6. No matter how many times the user clicks the box for “Always use this app” the prompt will continue to display whenever a http or https link is invoked.


    Citrix Director Displays “In Supplemental Grace Period Time until grace expires”

    The site went over the number of licenses about 9 days ago which triggered the Supplemental Grace Period.

    According to the Citrix Documentation:

    “If all licenses are in use, the supplemental grace period enables users to connect to a product for a limited period of time allowing you to address the issue. The default supplemental grace period is 15 days. During this period there is no limit on connections. After it expires, normal (to the extent of license availability) connection limits are enforced. Users are not disconnected, but as they disconnect, no new connections occur until license levels return to normal. Supplemental grace periods are granted per product and edition and per Subscription Advantage Eligibility date (per product) and only for Retail licenses. For example, if you have two clients requesting XenDesktop Enterprise Concurrent, with different Subscription Advantage Eligibility dates, two supplemental grace periods are granted. Rearming the supplemental grace period – When you take corrective action (for example, installing an additional Retail license), the supplemental grace period is rearmed, and normal license limits are enforced again. If you take action while the supplemental grace period is in force, the License Server exits the supplemental grace period before rearming. When the supplemental grace period is rearmed, you can trigger a new 15 day supplemental grace period the next time you go over the license limit.”

    So this behavior is normal and the only way to turn this off would be to follow –

    1) Go To:C:Program Files (x86)CitrixLicensingMyFiles

    2) Open the file: “CITRIX.opt” with Notepad.

    3) At the bottom of that file, add


    4) Save

    5) Restart all Citrix Services (or Reboot)

    to remove supplemental all together or to add new license files.

    It is worth noting that the Supplemental Grace Period is normal when a user goes over the allotted number of Citrix license. It is also normal for the error to show up in Director even after no SGP licenses are being used. The SGP is a one time grace period that last 15 days. After this there can be no more SGP licenses applied to uses but normal ICA licensing will occur. The idea is that you have 15 days to correct the issue before the SGP and only the SGP licenses expire. The only way to rearm is to buy more.


    While Installing Receiver, Users May Encounter an Error: “Setup Cannot Continue Because This Version of Receiver is Incompatible With a Previously-installed Version”

    Install the latest supported version of Citrix Receiver.

    All versions of Receiver for Windows after version 4.4 can upgrade from any older version of Receiver without the need of using the clean up utility.

    Receiver cleanup utility is not required and not recommended while upgrading to the Receiver for Windows 4.4, or later.


    The Citrix Profile Management service failed to start when PathToLogFile parameter is set to a remote machine

    Solution 1

    1. Using a registry editor, locate the following registry key:


    <value in milliseconds> (DWORD)
    1. If the key does not exist, the Windows default value will be used.
    2. If the key exists but is set at too low a value, increase accordingly.
      • For most scenarios, it is recommended to set the ServicesPipeTimeout value to decimal 300000 (5 minutes).
    3. Reboot the machine and confirm Citrix Profile Management service starts up successfully.

    Solution 2 (WEM Agent considerations)

    If the Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Agent will be installed on the machine, be aware that during a default WEM Agent installation, the ServicesPipeTimeout value is set to 60000 (1 minute).

    If 1 minute is too low, change accordingly as per the steps shown in Solution 1 above.

    To prevent a default WEM Agent installation from changing the ServicesPipeTimeout value to 60000, installation cmdline parameters can be used to set the value to 300000:

    ”Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent Setup.exe” /v”ServicesPipeTimeout=”300000””

    Solution 1 & 2 Notes:

    1. If no communications are possible after the timeout value, the Citrix Profile Management service will fail to start.
    2. Customers should investigate and resolve any communications issues between the Profile Management service and the remote logging machine, as part of the solution.