Symantec IP Reputation

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Dear All,

Our server ( has suddenly been tagged with bad reputation preventing us from connecting with several customers and therefore directly impacting our business.

After trying several times to use the Symantec IP Reputation Investigation page ( without any outcome, feedback or results (is such page really doing something?) I finally decided to register and create this post and see if it is more successful.

As  already reported by many other one´s in this forum, Symantec is the only entity assigning a bad reputation to our server by indicating that this host as been observed sending spam but without providing any evidences of such statement. We don´t even use mailing lists.

It is also rather confusing that we cannot even reply back to customers willing to send us their messages; in most systems this would automatically lead into a “white listing” situation.

A simple search on this subject in the Symantec forum return over 800 entries, is this not an indication that perhaps the methodology should be revisited?

I´m looking forward for your feedback and solutions.





add on license

I need a solution

we try to buy add on license for about 4 moths now and their partner say Symantec worldwide has problem taking orders or selling license and we are not the only customer with is problem.
this is hard to believe, it you talk about hours, yes maybe, but months?
they are destroying Symantec name if this is not true.
We are in Singapore, can any one confirm this matter?>




ProxySG | ProxySG failed to upload image

I need a solution

we have problem about failed to upload image file to Proxy. we tried to download  Upgrade of the ProxySG Trust Package.

but still have error Security signature verification failed, The requested system software image may have been tampered with

after i have check from CCL we found CA Cert of Image validation Expired already

please recommend how to resolve this issue.

Thank you so much for your help.





Active Inline Multi-ProxySG Capable Fail to Appliance send Proxy IP as client

I need a solution


I have the follow scenario (Active Inline Multi-ProxySG Capable Fail to Appliance):

LAN -> SSLv (sslv appliance inteface 5) -> ProxySG (sslv appliance interface 6) with a copy port (sslv appliance interface 7) to a Security analytics.

With this topology all mu Security Analitycs rules triggers the IP from ProxySG as Client.

Is that away to make the SSLv deliver the real IP client in this copy interface? Or use a different field on Security Analitycs to show client IP.

Thanks a lot



Total Endpoints in SEPM Dashboard Doesn’t Match Report

I need a solution

A “Symantec Endpoint Protection Product Versions” report shows we have a total of 1207 computers. But, in the SEPM dashboard under “Endpoint Status” the “Total Endpoints” shows 1539. Our license is for 1500 computers and we’re getting pinged that we’re “overdeployed”. Why the discrepancy?



Proxy Gateway potentially causing website performance issues

I need a solution

Hi everyone

I hope someone can help me with a rather puzzling issue.

We have a website, which users can connect but experience very slow performance when navigating around the site. This only occurs when they are on the network. Performance when accessed from home or another non-network source is absolutely fine.

From what I can tell, traffic leaves our network via the firewall (bypassing the proxy). This proxy override has also been enabled on Group Policy for this website. However, the puzzling thing is that I’m still seeing active sessions for this website on the Bluecoat Proxy Gateway. I believe the traffic is coming back through the Proxy but I can’t see why.

Gateway details: 

ProxySG 810-10 SGOS Proxy Edition

Is there anything I can check on the Bluecoat? Like I say connectivity is there but the website performance is very slow. When users use the developer tools in the browser to inspect the site, they commonly see the following errors:


CORS Policy Error

I’ve looked up both of these errors and they both point to a proxy issue but I cannot work out what it could be. I’ve attached a screenshot which shows the active sessions currently on the BC Gateway. The Gateway IP is but each different office has it’s own BC Proxy server that does it’s own web filtering. The one on screenshot is from the London office.

 I’d appreciate any assistance as this is proving to be a huge issue for me.

Many thanks