DDC can't connect to database

Solution 1

Check transcation log of database and shrink it if it is full. Make sure that the SQL server is running in Primary synchronized, Mirror restoring mode before shrink operation.

Remove mirror from the primary SQL Server

Modify the recovery model to simple

Right click the database and shrink the transaction log

Backup the database and transcation log, copy them to Mirror database server

Restore the backup with NORECOVERNY option on Mirror database server

Select the database and select mirror task on primary database server

Click Configure Security to start Mirroring wizard

Select Yes on Witness server page

Solution 2

Restore DDC’s SID in database to AD

Check the DDC SID in database with that in AD. If the SID of any of the DDC is mismatched in database,we need to restore the SID in database to AD with a tool called ADRestore.

Run .psgetsid.exe Domainddcname

Check analystic.service in database

Run ldp in AD to find the objectguid and objectsid of the deleted items

Run .ADRestore -r <object ddc> and select the right SID to restore


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