Can the management centre send a Radius “AVP” to the Radius server?

I need a solution


Can the management centre send a Radius attribute “AVP” to the Radius server? I mean in the Radius Authentication Request?  ideally, I would like the Management Centre to send the IP address of the user device supplying the username and password on the Management Centres login page, which in turn will be sent to the Radius server.

So ideally, the MC should send the following to the Radius server:  “username+password+the IP address of the device of the user trying to authenticate”.





Endpoint Protection username recovery

I need a solution

I have a bit of an issue.  The previous IT person installed Endpoint Protection but didn’t leave me the username.  I know I can change the password, and see that but it doesn’t do me any good if I don’t know the username.  I have tried admin and administrator.  Is there a way to recover or change the username for access?

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7017729: SSPR Error 5081 – No profile is assigned for this operation

First, make sureyour configuration is unlocked. To do this, go to your SSPRConfiguration.xmland set configIsEditable to True. See TID 7014954 – SSPR Configuration Manager is not available for details on this.

Once you’ve donethis, go into the Configuration Editor. Use the following steps to”refresh” the policies you’ve set.

  • Go to Policies > Challenge Policies > Select your Policy profile (“default” is the default policy, if that is what you are using).
  • Take note of your current LDAP filter settings. You’ll need to put them back in later.
  • Click the red “x” to remove the LDAP filter.
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3 for Policies > Password Policies > Your Policy Profile.
  • Save your configuration. This will restart the SSPR service.
  • Logout of SSPR – You should still see the “Warning” on the right, showing you don’t have a profile set.
  • Go back into the Configuration Editor.
  • For the Challenge Policy, add the LDAP filter back in.
  • Do the same for the Password Policy.
  • Save your settings again.

At this point, theerror should be corrected. The policies are now being correctly recognized. Ifthey are not, then make sure you entered your LDAP Filter search parameterscorrectly. Click “View Matches” (back on the Policy profile’ssettings) to make sure that it’s finding users as it should.

Remember to lockyour configuration again, and switch configIsEditable to False instead of True.

Other Possible Resolutions.

I. This error has been seen when the user does have a matching password policy, or if there is not a default password policy for SSPR. If the above suggestions do not work and you do not have a default password policy in SSPR, try configuring a new password policy called default with all default settings and see if the error goes away then.

II. The error has been seen if you have an invalid search filter specified in the Password Policy Profile Match.

  1. To fix the issue, you need to unlock the configuration through the appliance admin console (https://serveripaddress:9443), under Administrative commands, Unlock Configuration.
  2. Then go into configuration Editor and change the Password Policy Profile Match to objectclass=* (default) https://IPAddressOfServer/sspr/private/config/ConfigEditor
  3. Under Policies ⇨ Password Policies ⇨ default -> Password Policy Profile Match, under the LDAP Search Filter change objectclass=cn to objectclass=*, then save the configuration and test.
  4. Once it is verified working go back into the Appliance admin console or Configuration Manager and lock the configuration.


Re: Avamar Default passwords 7.5.1


I am on Avamar 7.5.1 and my security team found a default password on the dtlt and I thought they had all be changed by my predecessors as this system is 5 years old.

However, they found a default password for Root. I was confused as I know that the password for Root has been changed as I came across a document stating that the default password is changeme and that is not what I use. I have since learned that there is another root account on the system and I need to get it changed, but the Admin guide makes me more confused on how to make this change that it does clearing the issue up.

What are the 2 root accounts defined as and how do I change the one and not the other account password?

After changing the password in Avamar, where else does that password need to be changed and how do I do that? (such as in DataDomain or the Proxies?)

Thank you for helping me with this “inherited” system.



VNX 5400 messed up after failed wizard?

Hi all

I received a VNX 5400 Unified (refurbished). I unpacked everything and cabled everythinig as usual and checked moren than once.

The system has been power-up and everything is green. I started VIA to configure the system….

1) Device found

2) Configured Control Station IP address for CS 0 and CS 1

3) Setup IP Address for SPA and SP B

4) Accept default passwords

5) Licenses

6) Health-Check………………..

And with the Health-Check it broke for some reason, it told me Storage Processor Wiring issue. I checked all the wires accordingly and it looks fine to me. I rerun the Healt-Check several times but no change.

I once had the same issue with another 5400 where we removed a SLIC which lead to the issue. As far as I know there is a inventory file shipped with the systems and you are not allowed the change resp. remove hardware from original shipping state.

I don’t know if our broker replaced some parts but I cannot imagine they did.

So further on I canceled the wizard which told me “you can come back after, the wizard know where I qui” so I closed the Windows and REBOOTED the VNX.

After the system was up and running again I tried to start VIA again BUT now he cannot find the VNX it says in help “if you configured the control station IP once you need to go to the IP by a browser”. So I pingned the IP address of CS 0 and CS 1 which replied. I opened a browser to CS0 which works fine BUT not for CS1.

I tried to login to CS0 with root and nasadmin with the default passwords (I did not change the password fields during installation) BUT it says to me “failed auth.” doesn’t matter which user and which scope (local or group).

Either I messed up the system by quitting the Wizard and rebooted OR the system was touched by the broker (HW removing, adding) AND the passwords have been changed.

I opened an SR already but maybe you guys have some ideas?

Thanks and cheers

PS: All LED are green, all wires checked and according to install guide


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