Latest Citrix Files for Windows Consumes high Memory and CPU.

To fix the issue:

Delete the following key : <add key=”UnhandledCrashReport” value=”true” /> from %programfiles%/Citrix/Citrix Files/CitrixFiles.exe.config file and restart CFWIN.

NOTE: Please DELETE the entry, just changing the value to “false” will not help.

Also, anytime users uninstall and install versions (19.12 or 20.3) the above entry will reappear and cause the issue again so please advise the users to remove the entry if they plan to re-install. We will make sure that the issue doesn’t reappear in the upcoming version CFW 20.7 and onwards.

Engineering are also going to include a code fix in the upcoming release CFW 20.7


Cannot renew Remote Desktop Cal on MacBook

Here are 3 workarounds, you can choose one of them.

#1. reinstall the workspace app in the client –> it will recreate a new Client hardware id.

#2. rename the client name <= 15 characters. –> it may need to revoke the previous license.

#3. In the site db, using SQL command to find the client hardware id. Then delete related registry key in VDA


1. find all:

select EndpointName, EndpointAddress, EndpointHardwareId from [CitrixLabSite].[chb_state].[Sessions]

2. find specific client:

select EndpointName, EndpointAddress, EndpointHardwareId from [CitrixLabSite].[chb_state].[Sessions] where EndpointName = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

Then you can find the registry key in the all related VDAs:

For example, the EndpointHardwareId is 0F339F7D

1. find the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECitrixMSLicensingBUCKET_7d.

2. In the BUCKET_7d, you can find the LICENSE_0 is match the hardware id.



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