Hardware Refresh and deleting devices that no longer need licenses (error 4020)

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Just having a tough time deleting devices during a hardware refresh project.

I can click on the device that we need to retrieve the license from, and click delete.  Then get the confirmation of deletion:  No or Yes.  Then get an error that the device cannot be deleted, error 4020.  I can then try the exact same steps again on the exact same device and it will delete succesfully the second time.  Very time consuming to do this one at a time and have to do each device twice:  First with error and then second with success.



Reporter-VA Delete old local log files

I need a solution


For some time I’ve been uploadin CAS logs directly to reporter and instead of deleting them after processing I’ve just renamed them. Now I’d like to delete these old logs, but can’t find out the correct command to do that.

I’ve tried to use the “access-logs delete” command but can’t find the correct syntax as I’m getting either “No files deleted” or “Invalid path”. Maybe there should be more specific path? But I couldn’t find any related info about directory structure, so I’m currently stuck.

reporter# access-logs list-dirs
/: 0 files
/CAS: 25205 files

reporter# access-logs list-files CAS | more
total 122788
-rw-rw—- 1 rpt_data rpt_data  3970 May 28 14:49 CAS_10.0.0.1_20190517123913.log.gz.done
-rw-rw—- 1 rpt_data rpt_data  2465 May 28 14:48 CAS_10.0.0.1_20190517125448.log.gz.done

reporter# access-logs delete CAS
No files deleted.

reporter# access-logs delete CAS_10.0.0.1_20190517201627.log.gz.done
No files deleted.

reporter# access-logs delete /CAS/CAS_10.0.0.1_20190517201627.log.gz.done
Invalid path: /CAS/CAS_10.0.0.1_20190517201627.log.gz.done

reporter# access-logs delete
Value for ” (<file pattern>):
No files deleted.

reporter# access-logs delete /CAS
Invalid path: /CAS

Thanks for any hint.