The Story Behind Our New Name

What’s in a name? It’s symbolic of course but I think strong, descriptive names allow you to communicate clearly and unambiguously about who you are and what you do. On that note, organizationally, we’ve now combined two unique design groups from Dell Technologies under one umbrella, namely OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions and Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI).

Uniting all of our organizational design capabilities under one team not only streamlines our customer experience, but most importantly means we can serve you, our customers, deliver more value, and make it easier to do business with us. With this combination comes a new name and identity: Dell Technologies Design Solutions.

Full of meaning

As the global leader of this organization, let me explain why the team chose this name. For us, the word ‘design’ is rich and full of meaning. When we look at the work we do together with our teams and customers, ‘design’ is a verb full of action and purpose. The same word transforms into a noun to capture the unique solution that we deliver together, while ‘designed’ can also be applied as an adjective to better describe the aesthetics or purpose-built activity of design.

It’s also true that the word ‘design’ speaks to the passions in both my professional and personal life. Creativity, innovation, customer experience, delivery – these all intersect with my personal interests in shoes, fashion, music and the design behind beautiful architecture.

Bringing your dreams to life

As our customer, you have a unique idea – your product to bring to market, or your design to accelerate your mission. You want to come up with new and improved ways of doing things with the right technology to help differentiate and increase its potential for success. You want to come up with new and improved ways of doing things, to advance progress, to make the world a better place. You’re passionately committed to bringing that vision to life.

Our job is to elevate that vision and help make it a reality. Design then becomes the emotional connection between what we can do together, the what and the how that makes serving your end user a reality.

Making problems disappear

I know the term ‘solutions’ can sometimes be used flippantly, but for me, it remains an integral part of what we help you deliver. When I hear the word ‘solutions’, I picture pain points disappearing, challenges being addressed, and problems being solved.

However, it’s important to say that we in Design Solutions do not create solutions per se. Rather, we enable you to design interesting and vital solutions for your customers. That’s an important difference. We’re not a solutions provider, but the necessary hardware, software and services infrastructure provider, enabling you to deliver unique and innovative designs.

Our value statement

From our perspective, everything begins and ends with your idea. We co-design and we problem solve. Our shared goal is to differentiate your IP so that your end-customers will intuitively recognize it as the solution they need.

I’ve talked about what’s different but it’s also important to reference what stays the same. While we’ve changed our name, our promise to you remains. As we’re embedded in your product, we know that we influence your revenue as well as the perceptions and health of your brand and products in the marketplace. We take that position of responsibility seriously.

We’re proud to work with you to respond to unique market requirements across nine industries and 40 verticals, allowing us to jointly deliver solutions that diagnose and treat diseases, make factories more efficient, transform communication networks, and reduce energy costs.

Design Solutions

Returning to my opening question, I believe that our new name sums up the essence of who we are and what we do. Offering a boutique set of capabilities, we can deliver amazing value-add products and services through the lens of your customer solutions. After all, the best solution to any problem you face is a transformational one, designed to fit all of your needs.

What’s your take on design? I’d love to hear your reactions and questions. We’re here to work with you to design your product’s success. Take the first step andcontact ustoday.

Learn more about what we do atDell Technologies Design Solutions and join our LinkedIn Dell Technologies Design Solutions Showcase pagehere.


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