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OpenPR is clearly structured and remains true to its principle of confining itself to the essential parts.

OpenPR has proven to be a very good and reliable partner to our media agency:

Within the shortest time the releases are online and go down well with the media representatives.

The success of OpenPR is reflected in the steadily increasing number of press releases.

It is good that OpenPR exists!

Ursula Koslik,Director Marketing & PR, F+W Hamburg


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Escaping double quotes in bootstrap.properties and securityUtility…

This is actually a report of a horrible inconsistency that caused me quite some pain!

With wlp-webProfile7- on Mac (OS X El Capitan), I tried to define a system property in the `bootstrap.properties` as follows:


The double quotes were meant to be part of the value associated to the system property `key`.
By printing out the system properties of my webapp, I realized that the double quotes were gone!

Then I tried to escape them using the usual Java syntax:


but this didn’t solve the problem. Both, backslash and double quotes were ignored!

For some reason, I tried also the following:


and that finally worked even though I couldn’t find any trace in the documentation!

Done? Not quite! After that, I tried to encode something containing double quotes with `securityUtility`. Specifically, I tried the following:

./securityUtility encode –encoding=xor test
./securityUtility encode –encoding=xor “test”
./securityUtility encode –encoding=xor “”test””

Mmmm…that is very interesting! It seems that double quotes are completely ignored by `securityUtility`.

So how do we escape double quotes in order to encode them?

./securityUtility encode –encoding=xor “test”

That is very consistent!

Now, unless Liberty’s goal is to drive developers crazy, could you please, **at least**, document this?